WEBCAST: Modern B2B Marketing in the Era of the Empowered Buyer

WEBCAST: Modern B2B Marketing in the Era of the Empowered Buyer

Scott Levine

Vice President Strategy at KERN – an Omnicom Agency

How ready is your organization to win over empowered and emboldened B2B buyers of 2015? These savvy buyers research on their own time, across multiple devices and ultimately expect to buy on their own terms.

What are the B2B CMO megatrends that will impact nearly every B2B marketer?

How much longer will your organization tolerate single-digit conversion rates to sales from qualified leads?

Dramatic B2B marketing paradigm shifts are already underway.

Click here to see a video recording of the webcast that originally aired on June 25, 2015.

• Analysis from more than 20 leading studies about the megatrends causing modern marketers like you to significantly rethink strategies, staffing and technology infrastructure

• Actionable insights into overcoming the top B2B challenges straight from the boardrooms of Fortune 500 CMOs

• What’s working and what’s not across the entire demand generation ecosystem

Click Here To View The Webcast Now


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