Month: January 2016

Medicare Marketing in the Age of the Consumer


While the empowered and emboldened consumer has caused Medicare marketers to deal with a new dynamic in the past few years. In 2016, we are living our new marketing reality: “The Age of The Consumer.”

Even just a few short years ago, consumers were the receiver of the facts and today, there are a billion journalists, as everyone with a mobile device is now a potential journalist.

We came from a world of Television-centric media to our world where Mobile has become the channel of choice, and to be clear, we’re talking about Seniors and those who are about to enter the Medicare eligible market who have also adopted mobile as their channel of choice.

We used to be a captive audience with a limited vision of attention, whereas now, we are anything but captive.  We have the ability to switch on and off as we see fit, and as it fits our lifestyle.

We have moved from a world of fixed parameters to personalized time and space shifting where we alone, determine what we will view and when we will view it.

Having physically limited access to today’s world of unlimited digital access in an instant has broadened our choices to a world where we are able to function with an “unbounded rationality” of decision making with more choices seemingly appearing by the second.

Rather than being forced to opt-out by simply turning off the source of media such as a radio or television set, today, we must opt-in by choosing to visit a website, by signing up to receive communications from a brand and for tuning in rather than tuning out.

Even the way we used to buy gasoline has changed dramatically, where as recently as 10 years ago Full Service stations seem to disappear.  The “Do it for me” society has given way to the Do It Yourself mentality of today.  I’ll research it myself, I’ll find my own insights myself, and I’ll have to pump my own gas, since no one will do it for me.


Blind brand loyalty has given way to peer validation.  Where we used to rely on brands, today we need to find out what others are saying, writing, doing and tweeting before we are comfortable in making a decision.

Welcome to our new reality- The Age of The Customer, and while this new reality is impacting the way that we will market Medicare to Age-ins and AEP prospective members, there are greater forces at work that will even cause a greater impact for Medicare Marketers.

Saying that 2016 will be an action-packed year for Medicare Marketers is a gross understatement and I’ll cover the 4 forces that will impact Medicare Marketing in 2016 in my next blog article.